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If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, you might want to start looking for an electric breast pump before you actually have your baby so you will know how to use it and be ready to start pumping. If you are planning on breastfeeding, but you will be going back to work then you want to get ready to pump.

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The Benefits Of Electric Breast Pumps For Pregnant Mothers & New Born Babies

An electric breast pump is convenient and it allows you to pump a lot of milk quickly. The pump does all the work and you just collect your milk. Manual breast pumps are hard to use and they take forever to get the milk out. You have to do all the pumping by hand and it can start to make your hand tired when you have so much pumping to do.

More Breast Milk for Mum & Babies

Electric breast pumps will save you time and you can refrigerate and freeze your breast milk so you always have plenty on hand. Pumping can take a little time to get the hang of so it helps if you start learning as soon as you start producing milk so you will be ready once the baby comes.

How Do Medela Breastfeeding Pumps Stack Up Against the Competition?

Best Breast Pumps Pros Cons
1. Medela Harmony: Best manual pump for breastfeeding on the go - small, portable and discreet – will fit in your handbag or coat pocket - gentle pressure for comfortable expression of breastmilk - comfortable pumping experience & versatile swivel head. less suction than other more powerful electric models
2. Nuby Natural Touch: Best single electric breast pump under £100 - won Silver in the Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards - high degree of variability of suction strength and speed for maximum comfort - comes with digital clock and a wide feeding teat for newborns. be careful with battery
3. Lansinoh Single Electric: Best single electric pump for out and about - Multi-speed & suction options – soft breast shields – lightweight with digital clock. some problems with pump suction function
4. Lansinoh 2-in-1 Electric: Best double electric pump under £150 – quiet & power double pump, supplied with twin storage bags, and a shoulder bag – soft breast shields and easy to use settings for easy expression of milk. some customers find it difficult to get a seal on suction
5. Medela Swing Maxi: Best double electric pump – Winner of Gold at Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards – effective, comfortable and easy to use – high-quality & durable design Main issue seems to be a small portion of customers experience issues with suction, similar to models above and so we recommend returning within the warranty period if these problems occur.

Preparing to Go Back to Work – Breastfeeding Pumps for Working Mothers

Going back to work and leaving your baby is hard enough and you want to make this time as unstressful as possible. Giving your baby breast milk is the healthiest thing and it can help make your baby stronger and healthier when you use your own milk.

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Using an electric breast pump is the best way to pump milk and you are going to find that you rely on it heavily when you have the baby. The pump is going to make your job much easier and you won’t have to deal with how to feed your baby when you have to work.


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